Mike Tyson For Fifty Shades Of Grey? Ex-Boxer Set To Get Chained Up

Don't worry it's for Scary Movie 5

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After all the speculation around who'll play S&M billionaire Christian Grey we've probably heard the most unlikely casting decision yet – that Mike Tyson is to get involved with the whip and chains on the silver screen.

But Fifty Shades fans needn't worry too much – the producers of the actual movie haven't gone completely insane and cast the convicted rapist in the movie – rather he's set to take part in a spoof of the erotic novel in horror parody Scary Movie 5.

Tyson will star in the skit alongside Ashley Tisdale as Jody Campbell and Jerry O'Connel playing Grey, with the rich lothario attempting to seduce the Scary Movie charcter according to The New York Post.

Mike Tyson: An unusual choice for Fifty Shades of Grey (Photo: Try CW/WENN)

However the seduction will take a rather strange turn with goats, whips, hot wax, chains and of course the former Heavyweight Champion of the World involved.

"Prepare for a night of unparalleled passion,” O’Connell tells Tisdale, in the movie sketch, adding: “Your safe word is . . . deeper,” according to the paper.

Tyson has began to carve out a career appearing in cameos in comedy releases - most famously having a role in The Hangover. Tyson has revealed that he won't be returning for the third film in the comedy franchise when the Wolf Pack return next month however.

Scary Movie 5 gets its release this Friday, with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen also taking small roles in the film.

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