Demi Lovato Unnerved By Gwyneth Paltrow During Airport Lounge Meeting

Star had seen Contagion too many times!

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Demi Lovato has adorably joked on Twitter that she was a bit wary of meeting Gwyneth Paltrow today... because she's seen her meet a sticky end in 'Contagion'.

The film, directed by Steven Soderbergh, depicted a threat posed by a contagious deadly disease.

Demi came face-to-face with Gwyneth in an airport lounge this evening but seemed a little put off from meeting her, in case she caught the fictional virus!

Demi on a chatshow (WENN)

She wrote: "Sooo.. I'm sitting in an airport lounge and Gwyneth Paltrow is across the room. Had I not seen Contagion 10 times I'd probably be excited"

Demi is planning to unveil the music video to her new single 'Heart Attack' tomorrow, after teasing its premiere for three days with various short clips.

The track entered at No12 on the US Billboard charts last month after entering at No1 on the US iTunes store within hours of its release.

Demi promoted the track on Dancing With The Stars and Jimmy Kimmel Live last week.

Her new album Demi is out on May 14.

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