'Endeavour' Star Abigail Thaw Admits Role Was Down To Her Dad John Thaw

The Actress is 'not stupid' and knows surname helped land new role

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Abigail has opened up about landing her new role in new TV spin off series Endeavour, admitting that she is more than aware her late father John Thaw connection has helped her get new role, but she isn't ashamed of it.

Speaking about the role Thaw told the Daily Mirror: "Of course i knew it was because of my name - I'm not stupid. But i've been an actor for long enough now not to feel that's something to be ashamed of, so I jumped at the chance"

The pilot episode of Endeavour aired last year and the first series will begin on April 14. Abigal's role will see her play Dorothea Fazil, a newspaper editor. Expressing her happiness over the role and the opportunity in continuing the legacy left by her dad, Abigail added:

"I've been in a few crime dramas and for me this felt a bit special like a nice connection and it was a nice connection too for the die-hard Morse fans."

Abigail Thaw Speaking to Piers Morgan in 2009 (WENN)

In past interviews Thaw has spoken about how her late father and his wishes for her not to enter the world of acting like himself. According to the Mail Online she said: "He wasn’t keen on me being an actor. My mother, who was a history professor, wasn’t keen on my being an actor either. Both had their own reasons.

"Dad was very protective and didn’t want me to feel that rejection that you get inevitably being an actor, putting yourself out there, but once I made that decision, he was very supportive. So he would give me advice when I asked for it, but I think he wanted me to have my own experiences."