Chris Brown And Rihanna Relationship Is 'Volatile' And 'Hooked On Adrenaline' Expert Claims Amid Reports Pair Have Split Up

Couple are on a rumoured split after reconcilliation

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Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship has had more ups and downs than a yo-yo, and despite reconciling four months ago, the couple are said to have called time on their relationship once again, amid rumours of Chris cheating on the Bajan superstar. 

Their relationship first came to a traumatic end after Chris beat his girlfriend up in a car after the Grammys award ceremony in 2009, and was ordered to uphold a restraining order which meant he wasn't allowed near Rihanna for five years, and asked to attend domestic violence counselling.

But despite the horrific assault, Rih found it in her heart to forgive her ex and the pair got back together late last year. And now it seems that their "volatile" relationship is over again, amid reports that Chris confessed to cheating on the singer. 

"It's hooked on adrenaline", body language expert Judi James told Entertainmentwise. "It's extreme highs and extreme lows".

Rihanna and Chris have split again amid rumours he got too close to a waitress (WENN)

And when relationships are based on this on-again off-again routine, "you're masking the fact that there isn't really any relationship there", insists Judi. "You've gotta keep it dramatic".

"She's an intelligent woman, hugely talented. She'll probably never get him out of her head", the expert concluded, before explaining that the Bajan singer probably has a need in her to nurture Brown. "He's dominant alpha, she's submissive. Unfortunately it tends to give him back the power".

And the singer certainly alluded to feeling heartbroken and confused during her concert in Los Angeles on Monday night, as she appeared to address rumours that she has indeed, split from the 23-year-old. 

"How many of you are in love? How many of you hate love?", Rihanna asked the Staples Center crowd. "How many of you don't f**king understand it? I'm in that group".

Rihanna And Chris Reportedly Split Over Claims He Cheated With A Waitress

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