One Direction's Harry Styles 'Pushed His Penis Against Car Window'

The cheeky chappy was reportedly always a prankster

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Harry Styles has never been shy about stripping off and has always been an exhibitionist according to childhood friend Nick Clough claiming he once got his penis out to scare his friends mum.

Clough, who grew up with Styles in Cheshire before he hit the big time in X Factor claimed the curly haired cutie has never been scared to get naked and has always been a fan of older women it seems.

"Harry isn't shy about his body," he told The Mirror. "It's more about the attention and causing a stir than being naked."

Referring to the cheecky incident which reportedly happened after he'd become a world wide heart-throb, he explained: "We went to one of my mate's 18th birthdays and he came home especially for it.

"One of the mums came round and he thought it would be funny to get his kn*b out and put it against her car window. No one's offended by it, people are just like, 'Oh Harry!'."

Harry was spotted topless again yesterday when 1D had a surprise training session with Newcastle United, but thankfully no mums or cars were involved. Danny Simpson, boyfriend of X Factor judge Tulisa, posted a pic of himself and the topless wonder in the dressing room, with Harry happily displaying his chest full of tattoos.

Harry shows off his tattoo collection (Instagram/DannySimpson)

Harry appears to be sporting more tats than ever, showing off a huge butterfly on his ribcage.

The 1D lads are currently enjoying the UK leg of their Take Me Home world tour and have been performing a string of gigs in Newcastle this week.

Lets hope for lots more topless shots as the tour continues!

1D Rock Out On Take Me Out Tour

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One Direction perform their first concert for their Take Me Home World Tour (WENN, 240312)