Stay Extraordinary! Taylor Swift's Diet Coke Commercial Airs (WATCH)

The country star is seen writing her new track 22 as fans sing along

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Stay Extraordinary! Taylor Swift's Diet Coke Commercial Airs (WATCH)
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It's already riding high in the charts but if Taylor Swift wanted to give her new track an even bigger sales boost then she has probably found no better way to do that than to feature it in a commercial for Diet Coke!

The country singer is the latest face of the soft drink and today her first official advert with the company was released.

And in the ad she is seen writing the lyrics to her new song 22 - although we suspect this wasn't actually the original songwriting process of the song!

The ad airs in the US tonight during American Idol but Taylor tweeted a link to it for her fans. And it's quite a fun advert!

Taylor Swift's first official for Diet Coke will air in the US tonight (WENN)

It opens with Taylor swigging from a can of drink while writing down and saying out loud: "It feels like the perfect night" - the opening line to 22.

It then cuts to man in a car singing the next line along with the song on the radio before cutting back to Taylor, who, with a smirk on her face, relays the next lyric which is, "and make fun of our exes", before a chef is seen singing "ah oh ah oh" in his restaurant kitchen.

Taylor is then seen in a strunning red strapless dress as she strums her gutair backstage next to her costumes and says, "I dunno about you, but I'm feeling 22", before it cuts to an unknown girl playing guitar and singing the next line before the man in the car continues the song.

It then cuts to a karoake night and a group of girls singing the song before Taylor is seen putting on a hat and heading off on to the stage.

The young popster is one of a few female stars who have advertised Diet Coke including Duffy, Demi Moore and Paula Abdul.

Take a look at the advert below and let us know what you think! We've also added a behind-the-scenes video for all you fans out there!

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