Star Trek Into Darkness Star Alice Eve: 'I Fell On My Bum And Zachary Quinto Was Mean'

Goings on seem more Starship Troopers than Star Trek

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When Star Trek Into Darkness hits cinemas next month the crew of the enterprise will no doubt be slick, professional and together as a team, but according to Alice Eve, she was more like Laurel and Hardy when on set.

British beauty Alice, who plays Doctor Carol Marcus in the movie, revealed how when running on to the Starship Enterprise, no doubt in a hurry to help Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Captain Spock (Zachary Quinto) save the day, she fell right on her backside.

Her co-star  Quinto couldn't resist sticking the boot in, despite Alice going so red that she probably wanted to be beamed up as far away from the ship and set as possible.

"I ran onto the Enterprise and I fell over on my bum - on my first take!" the actress told E! News at the Coach benefit for the Children's Defense Fund last night,  held at Star Trek director J.J. Abrams' production offices.

Alice Eve and Chris Pine in Star Trek Into Darkness (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

"It was one of those things that occurs, and it will never happen again. I was red, and I guess I had to laugh. It was that much of an embarrassment," the Brit star added.

But Heroes actor Quinto apparently made things worse by laughing his head off at the poor actress, showing an evil side to himself we haven't really seen since the superhero show went off air.

"[Zachary] Quinto was mean, though." Eve said, continuing:  "He laughed the loudest, which I'll never forgive him for.

"I have my clumsy moments. I probably do do it on all movie sets," Eve said, revealing that she is a bit of a klutz.

Her director JJ Abrams confirmed, saying: "There were a number of times that Alice Eve ran onto the set and fell on her a**, but here's the thing, she always got up again for take two."

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