Veronica Mars Movie Raises $5 Millon And Is Heading To Comic-Con

Creator Rob Thomas delighted at funding boost

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Wow! The future of film could be here, and it comes in the shape of Veronica Mars, with fans raising an incredible $5 million to get the movie of the hit TV show made.

Generating cash on creative fundraising site Kickstarter, fans of the TV show, which ran from 2004 to 2007 and featured Kristen Bell as Veronica, a girl from the town of Neptune who acts as a private investigator while still in high school.

Cancelled in 2007, creator Rob Thomas decided to resurrect the show as a movie, using the platform to help fans contribute to getting the movie made.

"$5 MILLION! Holy Cow!"  Thomas tweeted, adding: "This was my secret dream number that dare not speak its name. Thanks, everyone!"

Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars (Photo: WENN)

With one more day to go until the Kickstarter ends, if you're so inclined you can still contribute to the movie, but with $5m a respectable budget and no doubt studios now queuing up to cash in on the fan enthusiasm, we're sure we'll see Veronica on the big screen soon.

The cult series impressive comeback doesn't stop there though, as Veronica Mars is going to Comic-Con in July

"Even if we have an official panel at SDCC, we're planning to pull out all the stops for our own exclusive event, so this is the one you'll want to be at," Thomas wrote in an email to his backers according to E! News,

Stating  that the event was scheduled for: "July 19, 2013 at 7:30 PM, in what I understand to be an intimate theatrical venue in the Gaslamp District, near the Convention Center."

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