Make Mine A Lamb Bhuna! Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Get Indian Takeaway Flown To Los Angeles?

It must be tasty

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Angelina Jolie and her husband-to-be Brad Pitt are known for their taste of the exotic, and are often seen heading off on their travels, so it's no real surprise that they love Indian cuisine, but what is quite shocking is that they are rumoured to have flown their favourite takeaway to their Los Angeles home!

While most of us can barely wait 45 minutes for our tasty meal to show up, Brad and Angelina are said to have arranged it so Brad's favourite dishes from an Indian restaurant in Surrey are flown to him at the couple's home in Los Angeles.

Angelina and her son Maddox arrive back in LAX on Friday (Splash News)

According to The Sun, the 37-year-old actress has had the meals flash-frozen ready for them to be transported to the US as Brad was in LA to present an award at last night's MTV Movie Awards.

The newspaper alleges that before Angelina spoke about violence against women in Congo and Rwanda in London last week, she arranged a special treat for her fiance that included chicken tikka, lamb bhuna and chicken korma from a curry house in Surrey near to where the couple were living while Angelina shot scenes for her upcoming movie Maleficent.

Brad has been in the US and is said to be missing his curry that he often enjoyed while staying in the UK last year.

The gesture was a surprise for the 50-year-old Moneyball star, and she had her bodyguard Ray and their eldest son Maddox pick it up, according to the report.

But while they were flash freezing meals, they also picked up Kingfisher and Cobra beer to go with the meal. Surely they can get that in the US?

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