Britain's Got Talent's Alice Fredenham Rules Out X Factor If She Doesn't Make Show's Final

The talented singer has revealed

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Following her amazing audition on Britain's Got Talent over the weekend, it's fair to say that Alice Fredenham has become a front runner for the show. However on the off chance that the singer fails to win the big prize, she has admitted that she won't reappear on the X Factor.

Having left X Factor boss and BGT judge Simon Cowell impressed with her rendition of 'My Funny Valentine', the shy singer admitted:

"I don't think so, no. These kind of shows are an amazing platform for anybody that wants to make a mark in the music industry or performing industry but I wouldn't now it's bigger than I anticipated."

Alice has revealed she won't audition for the X Factor if she doesn't make the final of BGT (ITV Pictures)

Happy with the way the show has given her confidence, Alice added: "It's given me that kind of leverage and that kind of self-belief that I didn't have, just to have such lovely comments from people."

Explaining why she decided to audition for BGT, Alice continued: "It was just a case of timing really, and obviously the opportunity was there and it was that time of year. Auditions were going, and who's to say if it hadn't been this time of year that I wouldn't have been going for X Factor.

"Literally, I'm at a point in my life where I'm taking every opportunity as it comes and that was the opportunity that's proposed to me."

Having left Simon Cowell impressed with her rendition of 'My Funny Valentine', Alice admitted that she was happy the media mogul enjoyed her audition so much. She added:

"Simon Cowell was a big factor mainly because I was concerned about he's speaks exactly as he thinks so I wanted to impress him, you need four votes so its important that you impress them all."

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