Who Killed Danny Latimer? ITV Release Teaser Trailers Ahead Of Broadchurch Finale (WATCH)

Teasers don't give too much away though!

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Who Killed Danny Latimer? ITV Release Teaser Trailers Ahead Of Broadchurch Finale (WATCH)
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After eight weeks of finger pointing and theory swapping the final episode of Broadchurch finally lands on telly screens next Monday night and ahead of the hugely anticipated finale, ITV have released a series of teaser trailers.

Millions of fans have been agonising over the question of who killed Danny Latimer for the past two months, with ITV enjoying huge viewing figures for it's series starring David Tennant and Olivia Coleman.

With the suspect list growing (and changing) with every episode, we were hoping the release of four teaser trailers today might give us some answers or at least a clue as to who dunnit, but sadly no. The four short clips follow the theme of "closure" with each one showing a different key scene leading up to Danny's demise, but as far we can see they don't seem to shed any light on the identity of the murderer!

The first clip reprises the haunting scene from the very first episode which sees Danny standing on a cliff face with blood (or is it?) dripping from his hand.

The next appears to show the cliff face scene from what could be Danny's point of view as the camera pans over the darkened landscape and looks out on to the beach below where Danny's body was found.

A third teaser focuses on the burning boat which has been a key focal point of the murder investigation whilst the final trailer also contains a running flashback from the series, Danny skateboarding down a deserted street in the early hours.

After anaylysing all four we're really none the wiser. We'll have to wait until Monday night to see if Joe Miller, Nast Nige, Tom, Pauline Quirke's Susan or maybe even her dog is the culprit. What's your theory?

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