'Frustrating' Robert Downey Jr Needs To Be Excited By Sherlock 3 To Do It

Iron Man 3 writer says he hopes script is up to Downey Jr's standards

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Robert Downey Jr will only make a third Sherlock Holmes movie if it "excites" the Iron Man 3 star, according to Drew Pearce, a writer on both Iron Man and the latest Sherlock film.

"At the moment with 'Sherlock', we've been so busy working on this that what we really need to do is sit down and work out - a bit like Iron Man - if there's a story that we can put together that excites Robert enough to spend two years of his life making it," Pearce told EntertainmentWise.

It seems that Downey Jr's restlessness as revealed in recent interviews may also be a barrier to Sherlock as well as future Iron Man films, but Pearce is confident they can win him round to star in the next installment of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes franchise.

"The amazing thing about where he is in his life now and in his career, he's only going to do it if he really wants to do it. That's the challenge we had going into 'Iron Man 3' and I think we succeeded, so we'll see what happens with Sherlock," the writer added.

Robert Downey Jr, will he star in Sherlock Holmes 3? (Photo: Joe Alvarez/WENN)

On working with Downey Jr, the scribe was positive, but did admit that it was sometimes embarrassing that he was funnier than the actual script, saying:

"You write a basis of a script for Robert, you don't go into writing an Iron Man script thinking that Robert is going to say every word that you give him, and truthfully that's why he's good. The frustrating thing about writing an Iron Man movie is that you give him the raw materials and then he is funnier than you."

One line in the movie that did make it through (though EntertainmentWise can't reveal its context on pain of death) was a joke about Croydon, which Pearce was particularly proud of.

"I still can't believe that the Croydon line made it through, I can't believe that it's kind of building into this line of legend, it's not that good a joke, I don't want people expecting quite literally the best joke ever. It might be the best Croydon joke ever in a movie that comes out next weekend and I'll take that," he said.

The Sherlock scribe had his own secrets to keep though, as he's recently seen inside the set of another Marvel movie, saying: "I was on the set of Captain America 2, which is very exciting, but if I tell you anything about it a Disney sniper wearing a Mickey Mouse mask will take me out."

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