As Reese Witherspoon Mug Shot Goes Viral, The Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Arrests Ever: George Clooney, Cheryl Cole, More

Paris Hilton, Bruno Mars, Hugh Grant among shock celeb criminals

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Reese Witherspoon may have surprised us by getting arrested over the weekend, but she certainly isn't the first A-lister to be dragged in by police.

The Oscar-winning actress apparently had a touch of celebrity entitlement syndrome when cops pulled her husband Jim Toth over, barking "Do you know my name?".

She has said today that she is deeply embarrassed over the incident... and, to be fair, we'd be surprised if she ever got taken into custody again.

She attended the premiere for new film Mud last night, putting on a brave face and going some distance to facing the music... but she didn't quite muster up enough strength to face the reporters!

Reese Witherspoon's mugshot... something we never thought we'd see! (WENN)

In light of the whole incident, we've taken a dig through recent celeb brushes with the law to deliver the Top 10 most surprising star arrests ever.

From Paris Hilton's first stint in a slammer to Cheryl Cole's altercation with a nightclub attendant, our gallery is packed with celebrity law dramas that we couldn't honestly see coming.

There's also George Clooney's unfortunate incident, Winona Ryder's courtroom drama, Bruno Mars' pre-fame escapades and George Clooney's brief stint in cuffs from last summer.

Take a look at our gallery below... have we missed anyone?

The Top 10 most surprising celebrity arrests ever

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10. We knew she loved to get up to mischief, but did we really expect Paris Hilton to end up in the slammer? (WENN)