Adele Gets Close To Barbra Streisand As They Bond Over Cooking

The singer got close after performing at the Oscars

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There are endless perks to be famous and none come better that getting cooking lessons from singing legend Barbra Streisand. The superstar has struck up a friendship with British songstress Adele with the two regularly sharing cooking tips, according to a new report.

It seems the blossoming friendship began to develop when the Skyfall singer flew to Los Angeles to attend the Oscars where they both performed back in February.

Barbra is said to be keen to duet with Adele (Pop/WENN)

“Adele has got heavily into her cooking during her break from music to have her son and Barbra has always been fanatical about what goes into her food,” a source told The Sun newspaper.

Apparently the singers hit it off immediately after Adele paid the 70-year-old a visit to her home in LA and the two have kept in regular contact, swapping cooking tips by email and phone on a regular basis.

The source continued: “They have been swapping notes about meals ever since they met.

“Adele finds her company very reassuring because she has been through the whole global fame thing and knows exactly what it’s like.”

It seems that Barbra is so bowled over by Adele that that she has already been telling friends they might duet together and that she already has some song ideas.

We can't wait to see what they come up with!

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