What Will Katie Say! Peter Andre And Girlfriend Emily MacDonagh 'Considering Relocating To Australia'

The reality star has been talking about starting a new life

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Peter Andre has revealed that he may leave the UK to live back in Australia with his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh.

Don’t fret, however, as the reality star revealed the upheaval would only happen once his children Junior and Princess are much older.

Peter and Emily have expressed an interest in moving to Australia (Cameron Clegg/WENN)

In a the latest episode of Peter Andre: My Life, the father-of-two was filmed admitting he would definitely move back home in the future and was more than glad when Emily said she would join him.

"When the kids are old enough and when 
I'm older, I'll go because that's also my home," he said.

And it seems that his medical student beau Emily is on board with the idea as she told  Peter she would happily join him. "Would you really move to Australia for me in 10 years?" Peter asked the pretty brunette as the couple headed off for a romantic getaway to Malta.

Katie is currently loved-up with hubby Kieran (WENN)

When Emily smiled and said she would, Peter replied: "That's what makes you special!"

Gushing: "Do you know what's special about it?  It's that you think that far ahead. That's what I love about you. 
I think it's beautiful."

While the move isn’t imminent, sources say the news will likely come as a blow to ex-wife Katie Price, who is expecting her fourth child with Kieran Hayler later in the year.

"It's bound to worry Jordan - there's no way she'd want to 
see her children moving to the other side of the world, even if they're over 18 by then and able to decide for themselves," a source told Now magazine.

Meanwhile Peter recently reveald his travel plans to the women's magazine, saying: "The first thing I'll do when my kids are of age is I'm going backpacking - and they can come and join me if they want. I want to do the world!"

We wonder how these plans will pan out with Katie Price.

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