INTERVIEW: Austin Mahone Talks Working With Flo Rida, Becoming The Next Justin Bieber And More!

EntertainmentWise caught up with the latest YouTube sensation

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Austin Mahone is fast becoming one of the hottest teen stars with comparisons to Justin Bieber and a support slot on Taylor Swift's current 'Red' tour.

While the 17-year-old is keen to stray away from the constant Justin Bieber comparisons, the similarities are uncanny with both finding fame on YouTube at a young age and, of course, those boyish good looks.

Austin Mahone is tipped to become of the hottest teen stars (Adriana M. Barraza/

Justin may want to watch his back though as Austin is set to score a big hit with his new single 'Say You're Just A Friend,' which features hitmaker Flo Rida and is already making waves with fans.

EntertainmentWise caught up with Austin as he prepares to head out on the road with Taylor on her 'Red' tour...

Your new single ‘Say You’re Just A Friend’ features Flo Rida – how did that collaboration come about?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Flo Rida and I thought it would be cool to get him on my next single so my managers called him up and he said he would do it.

How was it working with such a big name so early into your career?

It’s amazing, like I said I’ve always loved his music and it was just an honour to work with him.  

Did you find it intimidating working with such a big star?

Nah he’s awesome, he’s really humble and very talented.

So tell us what the single's all about?

The single’s about basically having that one person that you like very much and you have a crush on them and you tell them that you like that person more than a friend and she’s saying ‘ah no I like you just as friends’ and so I think everybody can relate to that.

How would you describe the single for everybody who hasn’t heard it?

I would say it’s fun, it’s energetic and it’s upbeat so definitely go out and buy that!

Is the single a good indication of what we can hear on the album?

Definitely, you know that’s a little taster of the album, it’s going to be crazy. I’m working with RedOne he’s amazing so talented and yeah he’s awesome.

Who else have you been working with on the album?

Pretty much RedOne, we’ve been working for a couple of weeks now and we’re going to be working on the album for another couple of weeks so it’s going to turn out amazing.

When can we expect to hear the album?

Probably in the fall.

Are there any other collaborations on the album?

I don’t think so right now, now we’re just trying to get all the songs together and then we’re probably just going to pick the ones for the album.  

Do you have a favourite track from the album yet?

Definitely, I have favourites on the album already, I’m just really excited to pick them and pick the next one for my next single. We have a lot of good choices.

Are you playing any more gigs in the UK soon?

I don’t have any exact dates but I think I’m going to be coming to the UK very soon. Hopefully I will, I love the UK you know it’s awesome over there so I can’t wait to see my little Mahone’s over there.

There’s a clip of you on YouTube, of when you were last in the UK and there are literally thousands of girls screaming and crying. How do you cope with that level of attention?

I just think it’s super amazing that the UK fans are so dedicated and loving. I love them and being with them in person is an amazing feeling.

Are you getting used to the attention yet?

I think so. At first it all just came at me so fast but now I’m doing more performances and meets and greets.

Are you a fan of the UK?

I love the UK. It’s so different over there from America you know the culture and stuff. It’s pretty awesome. The [fans] are so dedicated, they’re so energetic and they’re so funny and I love them.

Do you get homesick when you’re away on tour?

Well I haven’t been away from home yet on tour. I’ve only gone to places for like a week at a time so I think I might experience that when I go on tour with Taylor Swift. I can’t wait to go on tour, she’s super talented, it’s going to be a fun time and it should be a blast.

Have you met her yet?

Yeah I met her a year or two ago and she was very sweet, very very nice so hopefully she’ll remember me.

Ed Sheeran’s also touring with Taylor Swift, have you met him yet?

Yeah he’s a super talented artist, he’s very humble, very nice. I hung out with him a little bit on the road. He’s really cool.

Are there any plans for you to write a song together?

That would be awesome!

You’ve been tipped as the next Justin Bieber – how do you feel about those comparisons?

It’s cool you know, he’s very successful, it’s very flattering. But you know I want people to give me a chance as my own artist you know to see me as me.

Does it add a lot of pressure to match his success?

Definitely you know I want to be just as successful, I want to be on the same level as him someday so it definitely does add a lot of pressure because I have talent so I gotta make it count.

When Justin Bieber was here on his ‘Believe’ tour he got a lot of negative press attention for some of his antics over here. A lot of people feel he maybe starting to crack under the pressure, how are you going to ensure that you stay grounded?

Well I definitely have my family and my friends to keep me grounded and stay humble and I've just got to enjoy everything while I’m here and just enjoy life. It might not be there forever.

Are you going to have your family and friends on tour with you?

I’m definitely going to have my family on tour, I think it’s going to be pretty fun.

You recently performed at the White House Easter Egg Roll, that must have been such an honour. Did you get meet the Obamas?

 I did, they’re amazing, it was super-cool to meet them. It was just an honour to meet them, it was amazing.

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