Russell Crowe's Acting Advice To A Young Henry Cavill: 'They Treat You Like S**t'

But the Aussie's words of wisdom left a big impression on the teenage Man of Steel star

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They are both starring in one of this year's eagerly-awaited blockbusters as father and son - so it's rather apt that Russell Crowe had already given Henry Cavill some paternal advice about the movie industry - but warned him that he would be treated like s**t!

Cavill is set to star as Superman in Man of Steel, which is released in June, with Crowe starring as Jor-El, his biological father from Krypton.

But the pair's paths have crossed before, when Cavill was 16-year-old and was cast as an extra in the final scene of Crowe's 2000 film Proof of Life, which was shot at the Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, where Cavill was a pupil.

Henry Cavill has revealed that Russell Crowe gave him acting advice when he was young (WENN)

And Cavill, who turns 30 on Sunday, said during hanging around on the set, he decided to go and talk to Crowe, now 49, and ask him for some advice about becoming an actor.

"I thought we kind of look ridiculous, standing there, looking over at this famous actor," he told GQ magazine. "And I want to be an actor. So I thought I may as well go over and ask this guy about it."

So he asked him: "Hi, my name's Henry. I want to be an actor. What’s it like?"

And a charming Crowe turned round to him and said: "But if you want to go for it, then really go for it. Commit."

And that wasn't the only kindness he showed Cavill, because a couple of days later, the actor revealed that Crowe sent him a package in the post which contained a jar of Vegemite, a CD of Crowe's band 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts as well as some Jersey sweets after Cavill mentioned to him where he’d grown up.

But also inside was a picture of Crowe in Gladiator, with a signed message that read: "Dear Henry, a journey of 1,000 miles begins in a single step. Russell."

So did Cavill mention this meeting to Crowe when they filmed Man of Steel? Eventually, after Cavill plucked up the courage!

He asked if he remembered filming at Stowe School and if he remembered speaking to a young pupil to which Crowe said he did and asked what advice he gave him - to which Cavill told him: "You said the pay was pretty good, but they treat you like s**t'.

Crowe laughed out loud and said: "Yup, that’s what I said all right. Hello Henry."

Awww, ain't that sweet?!

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