Reese Witherspoon 'Has No Connection To The Real World'

Actress is 'the real girl next door', according to new claims

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Reese Witherspoon is apparently very different behind closed doors, according to a new report.

The actress, who was arrested recently for disorderly conduct when her husband Jim Toth was pulled over for DUI, has also apparently discovered a new side to her hubby since tying the knot.

The former Legally Blonde sweetheart and Academy Award winner is said to have "no connection to the real world", according to an alleged insider.

“[She] is a southern sorority girl to her core,” they told People magazine.

Reese Witherspoon at the Mud premiere (WENN)

“She got discovered young, she got pregnant and married young, and has no connection to the real world. With her, what happens in public and what happens in private is very different.

"She’s actually the real girl next door, not the clichéd girl next door."

And Jim has allegedly "let loose" since they got married over the last year.

“[Jim] was on his best behaviour [while courting Reese, but] things started to change last year,” the source continued. “Jim gets very loud and obnoxious when he drinks, and it’s embarrassing for Reese. He’s totally himself with her now, which means he can be a party animal again.”

They will reportedly appear in court together on May 22 to settle their arrest drama.

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