Benedict Cumberbatch: Styling My Hair Was 'The Hardest Thing' About Star Trek Into Darkness

Actor auditioned for his part over iPhone

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Benedict Cumberbatch has joked that styling his hair was the hardest part of his work on Star Trek Into Darkness.

Speaking at a press conference for the movie today, the British star told journalists including EntertainmentWise that his barnet provided the greatest challenge on-set.

"Which way to do my hair was the hardest thing," he said. "Straight or curly, or long with bangs, or a sort of ponytail or maybe no hair!"

Benedict then added: "No, it was such a sort of whirlwind for me that it was just one ball of excitement from beginning to end."

Meanwhile, Zachary Quinto opened up about his biggest challenge for the sequel: "There's a real challenge for me playing Spock, who is erroneously assumed to have no emotion and to show that there is a deep well of emotion actually in this character. But I would have to say that shaving my eyebrows takes the biscuit," before joking: "And I've got the bangs covered Benedict so you don't have to worry about that!"

JJ Abrams, who directed the movie, also told how Cumberbatch got cast... via iPhone.

"I was told to check out Sherlock," he said, referring to his work on the BBC series. "[I was] of course blown away."

Brooding Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness (Official Still)

The thesp then filmed his audition on his iPhone and sent it to Abrams, but left it until the last minute before Christmas and had to wait over Easter to hear back. When Abrams finally did get in touch, Benedict joked that he "didn't pick up on the signals" that he had been cast.

"The penny finally dropped and then I fell asleep. It was 2 in the morning!," he said.

"It was the most thrilling news [to be cast]. I was over the moon. I was a huge fan of the first film. I knew it would be a riot."

Star Trek Into Darkness also stars Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana, and is out in UK cinemas today.

The US release follows later this month.

Stars come out for Star Trek Into Darkness premiere

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