Charlie Sheen's Ex Brooke Mueller 'Thankful Denise Richards Is Watching Kids After Losing Custody'

Brooke is allegedly 'thankful' towards Denise for watching the boys whilst she seeks professional help

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Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller may have had his children taken away from her this week, but sources now say that she's "thankful that Denise Richards is watching her boys whilst she gets professional help."

TMZ previously reported that Mueller's 4 year old twins, Bob and Max, were taken away from her on Thursday night after the L.A County D.C.F.S allegedly decided that her home was an "unsafe environment" due to her "suspected drug use."

According to the website's sources, Brooke feels "Denise is a great parent and will give her boys everything they need while she seeks help and knowing her boys are in good hands is allowing her to focus on herself and get better."

However, TMZ also state that the decision to leave the boys with Denise "did not go down well with Brooke's mother, who allegedly felt like she should be taking care of them."

Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller is said to be 'thankful towards Denise Richards for watching her children' (Photo: WENN)

Despite the above sources suggesting that Brooke is keen to get help, previous rumours suggested that she's currently "refusing to go to rehab" for her alleged addiction problems.

A source revealed to Radar Online: “Brooke is completely in denial about how bad her addiction is to crystal meth, even after losing Bob and Max, she is still refusing to go back to rehab.”

It’s thought that Brooke's addiction is spiraling out of control, so much so that she risks losing her visitation rights.

“The only chance Brooke has of even having visitation with the boys is if she is in a treatment programme,” the source advised.

“The longer Brooke goes without getting treatment, the more it hurts her chances of getting the boys back.”

Brooke’s mother doesn’t appear to be giving her daughter a much needed slap on the wrist either, as its alleged that Moira Fiore is behind her daughter’s decision not to go to rehab.

Speaking to the website Moira claimed all is good and the situation will sort itself out:  “Everything is fine, everything is the way it is supposed to be right now, with us,” she explained. “Brooke is fine, everybody will be fine.”

This is the most recent drama in a series of events, as Brooke was hospitalised after an overdose in December and checked into rehab to be treated for Adderall abuse.

Denise stepped in to look after the children then and it’s something she has vowed to continue doing.

Brooke is said to have submitted to the court order but is struggling to come to terms with losing custody of her kids.

Brooke Mueller has 4 year old twins with Charlie Sheen

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