'I'm A Romantic At Heart': Emmerdale's Matthew Wolfenden Admits As Character Is Stuck In A Love Triangle

Between best friend Alicia and fiancee Priya

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Emmerdale hottie Matthew Wolfenden has revealed that he's a "romantic at heart". However, it appears the same can't be said for his character David Metcalfe who is currently stuck in a love triangle between his best friend Alicia and fiancee Priya.

Speaking of the storyline that will see David battle with his feelings, the Mirror reported the actor, who is settled with his Emmerdale co-star Charley Webb, who plays Debbie Dingle on the soap, saying:

"It’s been getting the audience quite riled. The writers give me quite a lot of comedy, but being given the chance to shout at people is fun too.

“As far as Alicia goes, they’ve always been best mates, which is a great quality. With Priya, David was on the rebound. She gave him a lot of attention, which is what he needed. She’s very pushy! But David has always had a pushy woman on his arm. He’s like his dad, Eric Pollard, in that he’s always downtrodden by women. But that makes them loveable."

What will happen to Matthew's character, David? (WENN)

Explaining that David may not make it down the aisle with Priya, Matthew who has also taken part on Dancing With The Stars, added: "Once her dad says he is Archie’s father, she begins to distrust people.

"That’s when she dumps David. I think he was quite pleased. He gives himself about a day to get over her and then declares his love to Alicia. They are happy for about five minutes and then it all goes wrong!"

Despite the kerfuffle that his character faces, Matthew explained the situation is fortunately different in real life. Speaking about what Charley thinks of his storyline, the actor who has a son with the actress, said:

"I’m getting a lot of stick on Twitter. People are saying, 'I can’t believe you go to work with those two – and then you get to go home to Charley! She thinks it’s funny.

“We’re used to watching each other with different people, and all the girls are friends so it’s fine.”

We can't wait to see what happens!

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