Liam Gallagher 'Almost Dies' After Munching Blue M&M

The Beady Eye star is diagnosed with life-threatening nut allergy after eating sweet

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Liam Gallagher has revealed that he suffered a shocking near-death experience last month after a blue M&M sweet sent the rocker into anaphyltic shock.

The Beady Eye star has now been diagnosed with a life threatening nut allergy after the star almost died in his hotel room while on holiday.


Liam Gallagher at the NME awards show after party (

Now the 40-year-old has to keep a special injection on him wherever he goes in case he accidentally chews down on another nut.

While at the launch of the Red House Restaurant in south-west London, Liam told reporters: “I've done some stuff over the years but never, never did I think a 'F****** blue M&M would be the thing that could have killed me. I was in a hotel on holiday and got in about the mini bar.”

Describing the horrific incident the ex Oasis front man explained: “My mouth started to swell up and I could feel it tightening my throat, man. I had to go to the docs and get it checked out straight away.

“It happened again a couple of weeks after and now I've got to carry a syringe about with me in case of emergencies. Proper Pete Doherty gear.”

Liam was joined by Hurts singer Theo Hutchcraft, Libertines legend Carl Barat, his wife Nicole Appleton, her sister Natalie and their All Saints band mate Shaznay Lewis at the launch of the 'Millionaire' star's business partner Chris Johnns's new restaurant in south-west London.

Liam and his band Beady Eye are preparing for the release of their new album 'BE' which the star has described as “pretty druggy”.

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