Matt Groening's Mother Margaret, The Inspiration Behind Marge Simpson, Dies Age 94

Creator Matt Groening's mother passes away

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The Simpsons mastermind Matt Groening's mother Margaret, who inspired the character of Marge Simpson, has passed away.

The family matriarch was age 94 when she died in late April, according to E! Online.

Her passing was announced in an obituary in Portland's local paper the Oregonian, which said that she died peacefully.

The publication's guestbook has now been flooded with messages for the Groening family.

Marge Simpson (Matt Groening)

One well-wisher wrote: "Your son is the coolest! Thanks for raising him and ultimately leaving mark on my childhood."

Another said: "I have never met Margaret nor any of the Groenings, but I can only imagine the inspiring and nuturing childhood that Matt and his siblings had which led to the creation of such an amazing series. My son was a baby when the series came out, and we both still watch The Simpsons...RIP Ms. Margaret."

A total of 199 entries have so far been left on the page.

Groening named Homer and Marge after his parents, though Margaret reportedly never went by the name Marge herself.

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