Patrick Schwarzenegger Promises To 'Learn' From Controversial Night Club Brawl

Arnold Schwarzenegger's son posted an apology to Twitter following the incident...

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Patrick Schwarzenegger has officially apologised for his behaviour at Hollywood's Sayers Club over the weekend, which led to him being ejected from the establishment.

The 19-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver took to Twitter yesterday to apologise - in his own special way - for his behaviour on Saturday, which saw him ranting and throwing ice cubes at staff after they realised he was underage.

"Excuse my language. I apologise."

"Live and learn, hope everyone has a blessed day"

Patrick Schwarzenegger has reportedly been hanging out with Kristen Stewart recently (WENN)

The USC freshman's behaviour spiralled out of control after he first used a fake ID to get into the venue, got into an argument with the DJ and threw ice cubes at staff - according to sources at US Weekly.

"[DJ Valadez] told him nicely a few times to please be careful because he kept bumping into [his equipment]."

"I guess Patrick became annoyed so he started throwing ice at him. At this point one of the cocktail waitresses noticed it was Patrick Schwarzenegger and alerted the team who he was and that he was underage."

We hope that his succinct social media apology went down well with staff at the Sayers Club!

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