'I've Said I’d Walk Away' Alex Keirl Threatens To Quit Britain's Got Talent If They Try To Change Him

The Britain's Got Talent contestant caught up with EntertainmentWise

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This weekend Alex Keirl took to the stage to audition on Britain's Got Talent for the chance to perform in front of the Queen at The Royal Variety Show. The singer from Chester performed Bring Me Home from Les Mis.

Alex Keirl is only 20 years old but that hasn't stopped him from giving it a go on almost every talent competition there is out there at the moment!

Alex has previously auditioned for The Voice but was unsuccessful and when he caught up with EntertainmentWise he told us about his X Factor experience too: “I've done The X Factor twice, and I got to Simon and they were like you're not ready you know, you're too young.”

Alex Keirl has said if a show tried to change him he'd walk away (WENN)

The Britian's Got Talent contestant who recieved a standing ovation from judges David Walliams and Amanda Holden also told us about his understanding that these shows can change you to suit what they're looking for: “I went into the competition, I spoke to my mum before and I was just like, if they try and change you, not saying they would cause they wouldn't and they haven't, if anyone was ever to do that to me I've said I’d walk away.”

Despite saying he'd never change, Alex has admitted to EntertainmentWise that after his first few knockbacks, he did work on his voice and his image a little to prepare for his Britain's Got Talent audition: “I went away. Cause I was about 16, I went away and worked on my image, worked on my voice, and you know I found the song, started working on the song in November, it's obviously sung like Opera, so I changed it to suit my voice, I took the key higher and I don't know, I added notes, put my own slant on it really.”

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