'Kate Middleton's Immaculate Everyday:' Emma McQuiston Britain's First Black Marchioness Reveals All

Food blogger revealed her opinion on Hollywood diets too

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'Kate Middleton's Immaculate Everyday:' Emma McQuiston Britain's First Black Marchioness Reveals All
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Emma McQuiston already holds plenty of accolades, most importantly as an aspiring TV chef and successful food blogger. She is currently planning her wedding to Viscount Weymouth, which will destine her to become Britain's first black Marchioness. But don't let that intimidate you.

Despite her background and the fact that she calls fashion blogger Bip Ling a good friend, the 26-year-old remains down-to-earth and believes that in a "dreamworld" she'd like to raid Beyonce's wardrobe.

We caught up with Emma, who is one of the star judges on our Face of EntertainmentWise 2013 presenter competition to discuss Hollywood fad diets, the pressure Kim Kardashian is under and why she couldn't finish the notorious "maple syrup" diet.

What will you be looking for in the Face of EntertainmentWise winner?

Have a spark that makes the audience engage with you. You're a presenter but also you need to be presentable. Originality, some sort of interesting vibe. Something about them that makes you want to see more of them.

You said on your blog that you believe in "moderation, not deprivation." Do you think that fad diets are taking over Hollywood?

Oh completely. People get so pressured to look a certain way, and to do it within a certain time frame. I'm more of a guinea-pig, I'll try a diet, I'll try an idea. Trouble is, once you cut something out, something else goes wrong. [You need] everything in moderation to ensure your body can work properly. You need the right nutrition in order to burn calories.

Even Beyonce fell foul to the quick-fix maple syrup diet!

I tried it for half a day and I couldn't even do it. It made me so grumpy. Trouble with that is that you'll just keep losing water weight but won't have the strength to work out. She did that for Dreamgirls, she needed to lose weight really quickly, but what we've tried to do [is to] take an idea like that and make it more realistic. Something that you can do in real life.

When Hollywood stars claim to not diet, but actually do, do you find it annoying?

I think so! It's difficult for young girls looking at them as their idols, it makes them even more, sort of, depressed. They think, 'Oh my god that girl's so perfect... Why am I not her?' It's unattainable. Everything is airbrushed, everything is processed. Nothing is done by mistake. It's bad for girls to be idolising a false promise... Just be honest.

Kim needs a style over haul according to Emma! (Splash News)

Kim Kardashian has recently come under scrutiny for her maternity wardrobe. Do you think there's a pressure on celebrities to conform to rules?

Everybody does. It's hard for Kim because she is her brand. The business is her. You need a thick skin in the public eye, the press can be so cruel. You can't win. Kanye West has changed her style. He's tried to put her in Giuseppe Zanotti and make her high fashion. The problem is she's curvaceous and the high fashion cut is for androgynous bodies; quite straight, nothing sexy. Nothing low cut. No Herve Leger.

She's probably trying to please a million people at once, and she's pregnant which has probably made it more stressful. People love to criticise. They love to find fault with celebrities. She has to get up every day and look amazing. Her show is her life, there's nothing she can do privately.

Do you think it's harder because she's pregnant at the same time as Kate Middleton, who has hardly gained baby weight?

It's bad timing for anybody else who's pregnant right now because the Royal baby is on the way. I don't know how Kate does it, she's immaculate every day in every way.

Emma sympathises with Kim for having to please "a million people" (Lia Toby/WENN)

Will you follow fashion rules when you're pregnant?

I feel like I'll try and be a trendy mum, I'll try and wear floaty tops and things. It's getting easier, there are options now for fashionable young mums.

Do you have any fashion rules of your own?

Don't overdo...hair and make up and accessories and jewellery and shoes. You need to tone it down, take off one thing before you leave the house.

Who are your current style icons?

Will.i.am dresses really well, I love him. I love his trousers.

Emma has a passion for Will.i.am's trousers (Cousart-Rayne/JFXimages/WENN)

You recently featured on the cover of Tatler. Was it fun dressing up in those luxurious gowns?

Amazing! It was such a fantastic day, the team were so nice. They brought the most incredible dresses and jewellery, they brought things I absolutely adored.

Did you get inspiration for your own wedding dress?

I think it's going to be quite a girly dress, it's definitely quite theatrical! Romantic and theatrical.

Kristen Stewart was recently named Glamour's 'best dressed' celebrity. Do you agree?

Kristen is quite good at playing the fashion game. They style her well. Being on trend, being understated, the colours they put her in, she definitely looks the part. She's dressing of the moment.

Whose celebrity wardrobe would you like to raid?

Good question! [In a] dreamworld it'd be Beyonce. I saw her show and she had such amazing stagewear. She looked incredible. Rihanna's tour clothes are amazing. The studded black cape, I love that. '90's fashion is it. If it was in a dream, you'd raid the most fun wardrobe and that's the girls on tour [who] are having the most fun.

Emma would love to dress like Rihanna (JLN Photography/WENN)

If you were hosting a Come Dine With Me dinner, which celebrities would you chose? Cool musicians. Will.i.am. I love Labrinth. I love Rudimental. Tinie [Tempah]. Jordan Dunn. I absolutely love her, she's so beautiful. She's a friend of a friend I've met her a few times. She dresses really well. She's definitelty a celebrity wardrobe target.

You're very health conscious. Who would you give a body overhaul to?

I guess Kim [Kardashian] will need one soon. She's probably the most obvious target. All the [Kardashian] sisters!

You're good friends with fashion blogger Bip Ling. Do you think blogging is important for helping people break into the media and fashion industry?

It helps you find your audience and it helps your audience find you; different brands and people who are like-minded.

You're an example of how successful you can become by blogging. Has anybody given you crucial career advice?

Always not to jump on any opportunities, be cautious. The minute you develop ideas in a serious way you need to protect yourself. You need to be clever about managing you career and your plan. Stay focussed, stay real, work hard. Motivate yourself, keep working. Keep it up to date and relevant. Never get distracted.

Do you have any advice for the Face of EntertainmentWise contestants?

Be confident. Breathe! Don't forget to breathe. Be yourself. Believe in your passion. And good luck!

We can't wait to see who Emma discovers during the Face of EntertainmentWise competition and with her straight talking and sazzy attitude we're sure she'll put those who don't cut it in their places!

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