Robert Pattinson 'Doesn't Care Kristen Stewart's Not Trustworthy - He's Moved On'

Actress voted least trustworthy in Hollywood - really?

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Kristen Stewart was recently voted the 'Least Trusted Movie Star In America' but according to insiders boyfriend Robert Pattinson really doesn't care. The poll, conducted by Readers Digest had Stewart coming lowest in a list of 200 influential people in the US, with Kristen having the lowest number of votes of any other movie star.

But according to sources close to the Twilight couple, Rob couldn't care less. The 23 year-old's trust factor took a knock last summer when it was revealed she'd been having a fling with married director Rupert Sanders, who she worked with on Snow White And The Huntsman, behind the back of Pattinson.

Insisting Rob had moved on, the source told HollywoodLife: “Not only does she not care, he doesn’t care about the list and hasn’t affected their relationship positively or negatively at all,”

“He has moved on from that moment as much as he can and they have continued to work on their relationship since then. No poll is going to bring worse memories than the actual incident, but again this Reader’s Digest thing is not even on their radar," they added.

Rupert Sanders with now estranged wife Liberty Ross (WENN)

Despite the fling, almost a year later Rob and Kristen and still going on, so we're guessing he's learned to trust her again. However the Sanders affair doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon as last month he hit the headlines again when a look-a-like was spotted in a car with Kristen causing rumours the pair were re-igniting their romance.

But it turned out the man was just an innocent driver who happened to look a bit like Rupert - poor guy! We wonder if K-Pattz are together in ten years time we'll still be taking about Sanders?

Rob and Kristen loved up at Coachella Music Festival

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Coachella Festival. Indio, California. 13/04/2013 (Credit: STS/WENN)