The Great Gatsby Has Strong Opening Night As US Box Office Figures Are Revealed

Roaring success for Baz Luhrmann's film

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The Great Gatsby has got off to a flying start in the US, with box office estimates for it's opening night revealed.

Baz Luhrmann's epic starring Leonardo DiCaprio opened in select cinemas in the US yesterday (May 9), and studio estimates of takings have revealed that the film took an impressive $3.25 million from its late-night showings.

Luhrmann’s take on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel is expected to gross around $40 million this weekend, with its nationwide release hitting the country over the weekend. However based on those estimates, The Wrap report that it is still expected to finish second to Disney and Marvel's Iron Man 3.

The movie has so far received a mixed reaction from critics in the US with some pointing to a lack of chemistry between Leo and his leading lady Carey Mulligan. Leo's performance as the elusive Gatsby has received raving reviews though, despite the star admitting this week that he was initially reluctant to take the role.

The Great Gatsby has got off to a roaring success in the US (Warner Bros/PR)

"I read it in junior high school, and it made sense to me, I tapped into Gatsby's obsession", the actor revealed to Good Morning America. "But Baz handed me a first edition copy and said 'I want to rediscover this novel and I want to put it up on film and I want you to re-read it.' And as an adult that's what so incredibly powerful about this novel, it takes on a different meaning as you mature and as you age. You start to understand the symbolism."

The star added that it was the book's status in US history that made him question whether to take the title role, explaining: “I was reluctant…what’s so powerful about this novel is everyone has their own interpretation of these characters,” after revealing that he thought the novel "was woven into the fabric of America."

Luckily Baz campaigned hard to get his Romeo + Juliet lead to reunite with him on Gatsby with Leo quipping that "it's almost impossible to say no to him!"

The Great Gatsby opens in the Uk on May 16.

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The Great Gatsby hits cinemas on May 16th (Photos: Warner Bros/PR)