Niall Horan Continues Underwear Obsession As Harry Styles Shares Backstage Boxers Video (WATCH)

Niall is often snapped with underwear on his head

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Niall Horan definitely has some sort of underwear obsession, as the One Direction hunk has been snapped on a couple of occasions with showbiz pal Laura Whitmore's knickers on his head and Harry Styles has proved that Niall often has boxers on his head backstage, as he shared a behind-the-scenes video with his millions of followers.

Hazza took to Twitter to share the Vine video earlier today, which saw Niall doing some rather odd moves with a pair of boxers on his head.

Laura Whitmore recently spoke out about her showbiz pal constantly wearing her underwear, insisting that she's going to get him back someday.

Speaking on the comical incident that took Twitter by storm she told Heat magazine: "The other guy in the picture, he’s actually my friend, and he was staying at my house and I wasn’t even in my house and he let Niall in and my other friends so he’s in trouble."

"Don’t worry, I’ll get him back I’m working on it!"

Laura even asked the publication if they wanted in on the prank, adding: "Do heat magazine want to team up with me and do something to get him back?"

"If you can imagine if I was in Niall’s house and I sold his underwear, I’d make a fortune!"

Niall leaves club with Laura ahead of Twitter underwear snap (Photo: Splash News)

And Niall isn't the only one getting involved in some 1D underwear fun, with Liam recently pulling Harry's trousers down on stage so that all got a glimpse of his boxers. Swoon!

Liam told The Sun: “I pulled Harry's trousers down on stage one night,”

“What I hadn't considered was that I might whip his pants off by accident too, which happened! Worst of all though it was a night when the concert was being filmed for our new movie. If it stays in, you'll see what I have to offer, in 3D!”

Sounds like 1Directioners are in for a treat when 'This Is Us' premieres in August.

Check out Harry's backstage underwear vid below:

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