Kim Kardashian Ditches Kanye West For Scott Disick!

The reality star nabs Kourtney's boyfriend to help out at her prenatal class...

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Kim Kardashian is gearing up for the birth of her first baby in July and, with Kanye West out of town on business, she turned to unofficial brother-in-law Scott Disick to accompany her to a baby CPR class.

Looking relaxed in the company of Kourtney's longtime boyfriend, Kimmy K donned a summery black maxi dress with sheer skirt and sandals for the class, contrasting nicely with Scott's bright white shirt, light blue jeans and bright mocassin ensemble.

We imagine the baby CPR class was useful for Scott too - with little Penelope Scotland at home, not to mention young son Mason, the tips are sure to come in handy when he's on daddy duties.

Practice makes perfect: Kim was seen looking after Scott and Kourtney's son Mason shortly after touching down in Mykonos (Splash News)

And, in a completely different style to Kanye (who famously didn't hold a door open for his pregnant girlfriend recently), Scott was the last word in chivalry when it came to looking after Kim on their day out together.

From keeping her smiling with jokes and chit-chat, Scott helped Kourtney's sister out of the car - not to mention held the door open for her as they entered the building.

Looks like Kourtney Kardashian has picked a keeper, hasn't she? It's nice to see that Scott, while unofficially related to Kim, is helping out his would-be-sister-in-law in the leadup to her pregnancy. And it's especially nice that, while Kanye's away, he knows he can rely on Scott to step in and offer Kim the support she needs in the runup to the birth of her baby.

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