Kate Middleton's Hairdresser: Jennifer Aniston's Style More Popular Than Duchess Of Cambridge's

The Rachel still trumps The Kate in the popularity stakes

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The man who styles Kate Middleton's hair has revealed that her stylish bouncing waves are still outdone by Jennifer Aniston's classic 'The Rachel' 'do in the popularity stakes.

Aniston made the short look incredibly popular in the 1990s, and it seems the fuss around it is still unbeaten to this day.

Chelsea-based Richard Ward, whose team has worked with the Duchess of Cambridge and her entire family, said 'The Rachel' will probably always be the world's most popular style.

Kate Middleton's gorgeous locks are still trumped (Splash News)

Speaking to thetheshops.com, he said: "I really don’t remember another time in my whole career where people have come in and asked for a haircut as many times as they have asked for a Rachel. Not even people wanting their haircut like Kate Middleton and she has the most beautiful hair.

"I’ve done so many celebrity haircuts that I’m proud of- Kate Middleton being one of them but, you know what, if I could actually create something like the Rachel – Jennifer Aniston’s haircut in Friends - or Meg Ryan’s haircut, those kind of classic haircuts I wouldn’t work any more."

Jennifer Aniston reveals new style (WENN)

Apparently the only person who has even come close to toppling Aniston has been Victoria Beckham and her infamous posh bob - or 'pob'.

This is the second time this month that 'The Rachel' has hit the headlines, nearly two decades after it first shot to notoriety.

It was previously revealed by its original designer, Chris McMillan, that he was high when he came up with it.

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Children's House Naomi House, (Splash News)