Have They, Or Haven't They? Celebrities Who Look Like They've Had Surgery

These A-list women all look suspiciously different

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They say that Hollywood’s best stories are the ones that never make the light of day – but fortunately for us they do make it on to the rumour mill, and the rumours about A-listers who have had secret surgery are endless - even if they have never been confirmed.

Whether it’s a drastic new hairstyle, extreme diet or just trickery of make-up, you only have to take a close look at some pre and post stardom snaps of some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women to see that there have been a few changes along the road to fame.

So, EntertainmentWise have done some digging into celebrities who appear to have had work, but have never come clean. But forget surgery for just a moment, as stars including Elle MacPherson, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and Dita Von Teese are said to be big fans of Rodial skincare - whch aims to prove results to specific skin areas using the natural ingredients.

Take a peek at a few of these celebs who have managed to get surgery results without the use of surgery!


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Victoria Beckham

Much has been made of Posh’s trademark pout that it has become an entity all on its own, but the mother-of four wasn’t always sporting bee-stung lips, which has aroused rumours that the star could be a fan of lip enhancements. Judge for yourself!

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Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian first emerged on to the celebrity circuit in 2007, she was a fresh-faced beauty with a full face and even fuller eyebrows. However, as Kim’s fame has increased, she has become almost unrecognisable - now miraculously sporting razor-sharp cheekbones to die for.

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Jennifer Aniston

Although Jennifer Aniston has admitted to having work done on her nose, she has always insisted it was purely for health reasons. OK, Jen, we believe you… sort of.

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Either Madonna has been drinking from the fountain of youth or she has a top-notch surgeon on speed dial because the popstar doesn’t seem to be aging one bit despite being 54 years old.

(Derek Storm / Splash News)

Jennifer Lopez

Rewind a few years back and J-Lo really was just plain Jenny from the block – still incredibly pretty – but nowhere near the gorgeous star we see strutting down the red carpet today.

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