American Idol 2013: Nearly 12 Million Tune Into Finale Week Following Ratings Struggle

Wednesday night's show proved to be popular with viewers

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Last night saw the current season of American Idol reach its climax as Candice Glover was announced the winner. But it appears it was the lead up that got viewers of the show all excited.

It is believed that 11.57 million viewers tuned into see the FOX Network reality TV talent show as it began it's final week with Kree Harrison and Candice Glover, according to Digital Spy.

The site also claimed that the show also did well in terms of the 18-49 demographic who watched Candice and Kree get praised for their three performances of the night.

Candice has been crowned winner of American Idol 2013 (Picselect / FOX/ Channel 5)

The results may come as a relief to the show's bosses after the season failed to attract the audience numbers seen before for the show. In a bid to refresh the show, FOX chairman of Entertainment, Kevin Reilly told E! Online recently:

"Our next season begins Friday morning after our finale, and that's when we're really gonna go to work in earnest. Because the format, more than anything, will have a few fresh twists next year, which we've already identified that I think will be a nice little jolt for next season."

Referring to the rumours about which judges will be returning after Randy Jackson announced his exit, the FOX chairman added: "Everything at this point is on the table, and we'll talk about that starting Friday."

Following Wednesdays show, last night saw Candice win the show. Admitting that she was "losing it" after her victory, the star told MTV News:

"I definitely can't believe that I'm even standing here. I thought I was going home from top 10 to now. Every week, I was like, 'Bye, y'all, because I thought it would be me.

"We would practice our save-me songs, thinking we were going to get cut, and I'd never get cut!"

Recalling how she felt when she got knock backs from previous seasons, Candice whose debut album can already be pre-ordered, continued:

"I went through the first two years and getting eliminated and coming back. [I'd be] telling my parents, 'If I could just get to top 20, if I could just get to top 10, if I could just get my voice out there and get some voters and get a fanbase, then I'll be fine. I don't have to win.'

"And then I came and I won. I can't even tell you how I feel to say that. I don't know. I'm losing it."

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