As Candice Glover Is Announced American Idol Winner: Who Is Your Favourite Judge?

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American Idol is just as much about the judges as it about the talented singers who viewers tune in to see every week, and this year's American Idol has been no different. With the current season all over and done with and Candice Glover declared the winner, we've decided to take a look the judges to see what makes them worthy of their position as the contestant's mentors. 

Mariah Carey
Mariah is the best selling female artist of all time.  Her impressive vocal range and long standing successful music career is an inspiration to musicians worldwide, including Rihanna who said her voice is an "instrument."  Working with some of the most prestigious artists and producers that the industry boats she has a lot of experience to share to others.  She can hit ridiculously high notes, an enviable trait by many musicians who can only dream of this and most importantly she sprinkles glitter over contestants if she feels they gave a worthy performance. 

Nicki Minaj
Nicki is a quadruple- platinum singer, songwriter rapper and fashion icon. Fresh and current, she has a really unique look and image. She seems to be able to relate to the stars as she formed close bonds with the contestants. She's clearly passionate about her job with her vocal opinions and she's one of the only people to dare argue with Mariah Carey. She knows what it is like to be in the industry now and her fashion choices are always worth checking out.

What did you think of Nicki's judging skills this year? (WENN)

Keith Urban   
When the judges were first announced everybody was obsessed with Mariah and Nicki.  However Keith as a judge has come across much more entertaining and endearing than first anticipated. He is the show's eye candy for the girls. Keith is also fun, he mocks the other judges, dances with contestants while they are singing, and once he got so excited that he spilled a drink on Nicki. Even though he makes significantly less than the other judges he gives really good critique and you can tell that he takes his role seriously. With more than 15 million album sales to his name, Keith is a four- time Grammy Award winner who has also won a People's Choice and American Music Award. 

The Australian country singer has proved to be an entertaining judge (WENN)

Randy Jackson

Randy is a Grammy award- winning producer. He is the longest standing judge and the only one that has been there throughout. Therefore he knows how the show works and can use past experiences to guide him and the contestants.  You can't help but like him.  His presence on the panel is greatly felt and he doesn't appear to have issues or fall outs with anyone, despite being on the show for 12 seasons.

So you have all the information.  Which judge gets your vote?

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