Michael Jackson's Father Joe Alleges Wade Robson Is 'Being Paid To Lie'

Joe says he doesn't buy Wade's story that Jacko sexually abused him for years

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Wade Robson's shocking allegations that Michael Jackson sexually abused him as a child has angered the family of the late pop star who have branded him a liar - including father Joe who thinks that the dancer is being paid to make these claims.

Last week, Wade publically claimed that Michael, who died in June 2009, sexually abused him as a child and told Today Show host Matt Lauer that the star was a "paedophile and a child sexual abuser".

Wade, now 30, was a visitor at the Jackson's Neverland ranch from the age of seven until 14 and has now filed a civil lawsuit against the late singer's estate.

But members of the Jackson family claim he is lying - especially as he testified in court during Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial that the star had never touched him.

Michael Jackson's father Joe arrived in LA yesterday and told a waiting reporter that Wade Robson is "being paid to lie" that the late singer abused him as a child (WENN)

And Michael's father Joe believes that someone has paid Wade a handsome sum to make these allegations, which he says are lies.

Joe, 84, was approached at Los Angeles airport yesterday by showbiz site TMZ.com who asked him about Wade's claims.

And Joe said he doesn't believe him for a second - and thinks that someone else is involved, egging Wade on.

Leaving the airport, he spoke to the TMZ reporter and said: "He's lying. He's lying, he's lying. Michael was so generous to him at first but he's lying, and he's not the only one behind this, someone else is paying him to do it."

The reporter asked Joe if he thought it was AEG Live who was behind it. The Jackson family are in the process of pressing charges against the concert promoter claiming it is liable in Michael's death because executives ignored his health problem and pressured him to prepare for his This Is It shows, set to debut in London in July 2009.

Joe replied: "Somebody's paying him to do it! Wade is lying because someone is paying him to lie!"

Jackos nephew TJ has also accused Wade of lying and took to Twitter to defend his uncle, revealing he "knew" Wade was "lying" because he himself was a victim of abuse.

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