Taylor Swift Talks Selena Gomez And Ed Sheeran Hang Outs: 'It Turns Into A Dance Party!'

The trio had a blast at the Billboard awards last week

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Taylor Swift definitely has a fair few showbiz pals and the singer has opened up about her recent hangouts with both Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran at this year's Billboard awards, saying that the night turned into a dance party.

Taylor, who has previously denied romance rumours when it comes down her celeb BFF Ed, also said that out of all the performances that evening, his stood out the most to her.

She told billboard.com when asked if there was anyone that surprised her during the celeb-filled bash: "I loved Ed Sheeran's performance because I get to see him move crowds with just an acoustic guitar and his voice every night on tour, and to watch him do that on a nationally televised scale made me so happy."

Showbiz BFFs! Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez enjoy a girls night out (Photo: WENN)

She then said that despite the fact that the pals were surrounded by fellow A-Listers, they still managed to have a blast.

Taylor continued: "I was just excited that a bunch of my friends were there like Selena [Gomez and Ed]. It turned the night into more of a dance party than a high-pressure media event."

But, the dance party didn't get too crazy and instead of hitting a nightclub, the Love Story star opted for a dinner date with her nearest and dearest instead, saying: "We had a giant dinner at Nobu for all of my bandmates, dancers and friends. It seemed like everyone was there. Ed, Selena, Austin Mahone . . . We were all just laughing together and rejoicing in a really fun evening."

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran hit the rollercoasters! (Photo: WENN/Twitter/Taylor Swift)

Speaking of her relationship with her fans and linking back to her emotional speech after bagging a massive eight gongs at the ceremony, Taylor said: "I loved being able to thank my fans for this life they've given me."

She continued, "Being on tour, I get a nightly reminder of how lucky I am to get to stand on giant stages and sing for sold-out crowds. Now I have so many girls my age coming up to me and saying, "I've listened to you for seven years."

"It's crazy to me that we've been in each other's lives that long and it still feels new. But hey, I guess that's what real love feels like."

Celebs walk the Billboard Awards 2013 red carpet

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