'Zayn Malik Is Easy To Please' One Direction's Favourite Foods Revealed!

Sounds like the boys aren't fuus eaters

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One Direction's personal chef has revealed what food the boys love eating most on tour, and it sounds like the band are pretty easy to please when it comes to culinary habits!

Sarah Nicholas is the lucky lady who's in charge of what 1D eat whilst they jet around the world on their Take Me Home tour, and whilst the boys could probably ask for a whole selection of delicious delicacies, Sarah reveals that the boys tend to prefer simple cuisine

"Liam Payne likes his bacon, steak and vegetables," Sarah tells the Daily Star. "While Louis eats anything – but a bowl of Special K is his favourite."

"Zayn is very easy to please," she adds. "He just likes pasta with Bolognese or spicy chicken. He's not a foodie and eats whatever's going."

"Niall likes more simple food, like sausage and mash, pies, creamy chicken pasta or chicken kiev."

Sarah also revealed that contrary to opinion the boys don't drink backstage, with alcohol banned. But the boys make do with fizzy pop and a lot of tea!

One Direction love their home comforts whilst on tour (WENN)

"Louis is the main tea-drinker," she revealed. "He's from Doncaster so he loves Yorkshire tea the most. They also drink more juices and water than fizzy drinks. Before they go onstage, they tend to have orange or apple juice, Capri-Suns or Rubicon."

Harry Styles meanwhile is watching what he eats in a bid to shed his clean cut boyish image and go for a more mature look, new sources report. The 19 year-old, who is the youngest out of 1D, has already started his transformation from cute teen with his ever expanding collection of tattoos but according to insiders, the curly haired cutie wants more and has been hitting the gym in an effort to bulk up.

"He's doing extra weight training and fitness as he's desperate to stop looking 'boyish' and become more manly," a source told Heat magazine. "He's been concentrating on weight training to bulk up and increase body strength. The other boys think he's taking it a bit far and have been ripping it out of him for being so vain!

"They work quite hard on tour and during the show anyway (and all like playing football), but Harry has admitted he's really pleased with how his body has bulked up, telling people he has his first-ever six-pack! He thinks he's in the best shape he's ever been in."

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