Niall Horan Accuses Louis Tomlinson Of Starting Tour Bus Arguments: 'He's Likely To Bicker!'

The 1D boys have denied having tour bus fights, but admit Louis does love bickering!

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Those One Direction boys may be the best of pals, but Niall Horan has admitted that if anyone was to start a 1D tour bus argument, it would most likely be Louis, with the Irish band member accusing the babe of 'bickering.'

The boys are currently on a break from their Take Me Home global tour, but they've been spending an awful lot of time together on their tour bus recently, so we're not surprised that there have been a few (minor!) arguments.

Liam tells Top of the Pops magazine: “I’m not going to lie and say that we don’t have arguments because everyone has arguments, especially when you’re all thrown together into a situation, but it’s surprising how well we do get on.”

Harry had previously revealed that if they do fight or disagree, it’s normally over stupid things like food.

The curly haired hunk said: “To be honest, we don’t argue very much at all,” before adding: “If we do, it’s about silly things like where we’re going for dinner!”

“I couldn’t see us having a big enough argument to split,” Liam then insisted.

BFFs! The 1D boys say they don't argue very much on tour (Photo: WENN)

“But if anyone’s likely to bicker in the group, it would be Louis!” Niall explained, pointing the finger at the Doncaster babe.

But, bickering aside, Liam insists that majority of the behind-the-scenes tour action is all fun and games: “We all get on really well well and just have a laugh.”

He added: “It’s like a group of kids at school having private jokes that the teachers aren’t in on.”

That's good to hear, boys!

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