Liam Payne: 'My Mum Banned Me From Spending £500 On A Batman Costume'

The One Direction star is a massive Batman fan AND a mummy's boy!

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Liam Payne may be a chart-topping, globe-trotting pop star but the One Direction star has revealed that it when it comes to family, his mum is definitely the one in charge in the Payne household- she even stopped the singer from buying a Batman costume!

The 1D star is a self-confessed massive fan of the caped crusader, and when it came to his sister's birthday party, he knew exactly what superhero he wanted to go as!

"I got dressed up as Batman for my sister Nicole's 21st birthday," the 'Live While We're Young' singer tells Top of the Pops magazine.

Liam may have millions in the bank but his mum put her foot down when it came to her son splashing out on his Batman obsession:

"I wanted to spend loads of money on my outfit and saw one online for £500, but my mum said I was mad. So I settled for one that was just £50 in the end!" he continued.

It looks like Liam got a lot of use out of his costume though, with the star spotted in his superhero garb for a Halloween party with Tom Daley last year.

Liam Payne can't get enough of the caped crusader (WENN)

The star added that since he stopped believing in the tooth fairy he has been a huge mummy's boy. "We used to write little notes to the tooth fairy and mum, bless her, used to write back," the 'Kiss You' singer said.

"I think I always knew it was my mum though – I saw her doing it once and was like, 'What are you doing?!'"

Cute! The boys have got some well deserved time off from their Take Me Home world tour this week, before they head to Mexico, so we bet Liam's making the most of some family quality time.

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