Alison Moyet 'Working On Getting Fat Again' After Dropping From Size 22 To 10

The singer admits that she misses her 'chub'

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Alison Moyet may have felt a sense of achievement when she lost weight as a result of an intense diet, but the singer now admits that she misses her “chub” and is on a mission to “get fat again.”

The 51-year-old, who rose to fame in the 1980s as part of electropop duo Yazoo, made a move to lose weight and incredibly managed to shift several stones dropping from a dress size 22 to a slimmer size 10.

While Alison undeniably looks great, the 'Love Letters' singer has made the startling revelation that she prefers her curvier body and is actually trying to gain extra weight.

Alison Moyet has lost a significant amount of weight (PBI/WENN)

“Personally I think women look better with a bit of chub on them,” Alison told the Daily Mail.

“I’ve lost too much weight and I’m working on getting fatter again. It was a mixture of health reasons and not wanting to be looked after by the patronising thin. It’s funny as my whole character has been based upon not getting approval elsewhere. And I don’t like the kind of approval that goes with weight loss."

“Still, in my 50s where my next significant event is being a grandmother, I have to worry about my scraggy a**e,” Alison added.

Alison also details how she battled with her body image throughout her childhood and even goes as far as to describe herself as the “Elephant Man.”

“By the time I was a teenager I was so absolutely convinced of my Elephant Man distortedness that I went all out to be as physically unattractive as I could as an act of defiance,” Alison candidly revealed.

A curvier Alison Moyet in 2008 (

Reflecting on her fame and dealing with her body issues in the public eye, Alison continued: “Becoming famous is a really shocking thing, especially when you don’t have aspirations to it.

“It got to the point where I would try and avoid making eye contact with anyone. It was freaky and it just happened overnight. In a lot of respects having kids has saved me from myself. If you’ve got a child and the child wants to get up, then you have to get up."

She added: “There is also something to be said of being tired of just having a particular pathology. I just got tired of being depressed.”