Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge 'Planning First Royal Baby Shower' With Pippa's Help

Little sis is said to be in charge of the lavish affair

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is to start a new tradition by becoming the first royal mum to be to have a baby shower, according to a new report, with sister Pippa leading the lavish plans.

The seven month pregnant Duchess, who is set to welcome her first child in July, has reportedly decided to go ahead with the party despite the American style celebration not being something the royals usually go in for, an insider claims.

"It isn't royal tradition, but Kate isn't a traditional royal. She is modern and wants a normal life," a source told The Sun.

"It will be a great day for everyone and Kate is doing this with the blessing of the Queen."

According to the report, plans are well under way for the day of fun with Jo Malone and White Company goodies being lined up for guests to take away.

It's not long now until the Duchess will give birth and as expected has been slowing down her royal commitments. This week she opted out of accompanying her husband Prince William to the annual Audi Charity Polo Challenge in Chester, with the mum to be reportedly resting at home instead.

Duchess of Cambridge at the Queen's Annual Garden party last week (WENN)

It's just a few weeks before the 31 year-old is due to give birth to her first child and according to Marie Claire, despite attending last year she opted to stay home this time as she continues to prepare for the royal arrival.

It's not the last we'll see of Kate though. She's also expected to attend the Coronation service to mark 60 years since the Queen was crowned on June 2, 1953 and will make her final appearance on June 13, when she'll be naming a cruise ship in Southampton.

A spokesperson from St James' Palace previously confirmed the Duchess will be taking a period of maternity leave following the arrival of the baby, though it is up to her how long she decides to stay out of the spotlight.

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