Bruce Jenner: Kanye West 'Just Hasn't Been Around!'

Whilst Kim's step-dad Bruce Jenner has only met her man once!

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Whilst Kim Kardashian has barely been seen with boyfriend Kanye West in the last couple of months, it sounds like the pregnant star's family haven't had much of a chance to bond with the rapper either as Brody Jenner has revealed he's never met his step-sisters beau!

Kanye has been holed up in Paris for much of his girlfriend's pregnancy, working on his new album. Whilst Kim has been trying to fit in flying in visits to her man when she can, her famous fam have not had a chance to get to know the guy in her life.

Kim's step dad Brody Jenner and his dad Bruce spoke with Extra at The Grove in Los Angeles last night where Kimmie's step bro revealed his lack of contact with the rapper: "I've never met him," the 29-year-old insisted.

Dad Bruce meanwhile added that he's "only met him once. Yeah, he's not around, he was in Paris the whole time writing, and he just hasn't been around," Bruce said of West.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting their first child in July (WENN)

Whilst Bruce and Brody haven't had any Kanye bonding, it sounds like some of Kardashians had a chance to get to know the rapper a bit better as Kim's sister Khloe appeared to confirm this week that he WILL be making an appearance in the new series of the family's hit show.

Speaking to MTV News ahead of the new season premiere of KUWTK, Khloe - who has been showing off her amazing new figure recently - said: "I wouldn't say [Kanye] is like a main person, fixture on the show, but he's definitely on because he's a part of Kim's life.

"But, he's not on like we are."  Whilst Kanye won't be making a constant cameo in the show, Brody and his wife Leah will be making more of an appearance and explaining how the dynamics will work with having her step brother on the show, Khloe continued to say:

"People have always asked, 'Why don't we ever see your stepbrothers and sister? Like, where are they?' We all grew up together, and then for a few years we all kind of went on our own separate journeys in life.

"And [my stepdad] Bruce and his kids, they had kind of had a strained relationship. And the older that they're getting they're reconnecting, and you get to see all of that, and their dynamic and the dynamic with us and the boys. And I think people are really interested in that. They've never seen it."

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