The Only Way Is Marbs: Sun, Sea And Plenty Of Fake Tans.

The group jet off to Marbs where the drama between Lucy and Mario unfolds.

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In the first episode of The Only Way Is Marbs, we see naughty tweets, a very awkward dinner date and Gemma finally giving Arg the old heave ho. Tonight’s episode definitely went off with a bang and it looks like the drama will only get juicier.

The episode kicks off with newly single Mario on the ‘love boat’ surrounded by bikini-clad women, drinking champagne. Showing off, he takes the opportunity to take a quick photo and tweets it, knowing everyone will see. On a beach nearby, Sam and Billie are sunbathing when Sam comes across Mario’s tweet. An unimpressed Sam says Mario will never change and is shocked that he has the cheek to tweet a photo on the same boat he proposed to Lucy on last year.

Up in the hills, Gemma, Charlie and Bobby are chanting in a healing garden. The boys are trying to relax when Gemma says she finds it awkward sometimes with boyfriend Rami, especially when it comes it bodily functions! Too much information, Gemma! Across Marbs, Lauren and Chloe are trying to find outfits for Lauren’s dj set but the pair go off subject when Chloe asks Lauren if she looks any different. Chloe tells Lauren she’s had her lips reduced and that she’s going for the au naturel look.

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Meanwhile at the resort, everyone is by the pool for the Miss Marbs competition, where we see an array of ladies in bikinis and of course, fake tan. Jasmin wins the competition but not before Lucy arrives and makes a grand entrance in a rather racy swimsuit. Heads are turned and lads Tom, Arg and Joey all agree that she’s a ‘salty potato’. Lucy then goes to see Jess and the pair end up on the subject of Mario and his naughty tweet. Lucy says she’s no longer interested though and says she can’t wait for a night out, Marbs style.

Soaking up the sun, Lauren bumps into bar owner Wayne Lineker and it’s clear he’s after her. The pair gets chatting and rather awkwardly, Wayne invites Lauren to dinner. Later on that afternoon, Lauren goes to see Chloe and tells her that she won’t go to dinner with Wayne without her. Chloe reluctantly agrees and Lauren tells her it’s a free meal but denies it’s a date. Gemma is on skype to Billie and Sam and says she wants to be involved in all the action by the beach so the girls encourage Gemma to leave the health resort. Is Gemma missing a certain someone called Arg?

The gang are fake-tanned and ready to party in Marbs (ITV Pictures)

The gang are ready to party marbs style (ITV Pictures)

 Mario and his friend Craig are chatting about Lucy arriving where Mario says he’s loving being single but needs to get under a few girls in order to get over Lucy. Uh oh! We see a fight on our hands. At the club that evening, everyone is dressed up and ready to party. Tom tells the guys that he’s interested in a rather gorgeous looking Lucy but it seems Tom has competition in the form of Dan. Dan tells Little Chris that he likes the look of single Lucy and Little Chris calls him a legend for it.

At dinner, Chloe is feeling like a third wheel and is sat between Lauren and Wayne Lineker. The dinner date goes from bad to worse as Chloe and Wayne get into a fight and Chloe leaves. Awkward! Back at the club, Arg tells the boys he’s not kissed a girl in ages, so the boys try and make him chat to a girl at the bar. It doesn’t go well and Arg chickens out. The boys invite the new girl, Beth out for a drink but she declines when Mario comes over and takes her away. The boys are shocked and an annoyed Arg is left reeling about Mario and his non-existant personality. After this we see Mario kiss Beth and the pair go off into the night. Seems like Mario is moving on!

In another part of the club, after seeing Mario talking to Jasmin, Lucy goes over to the Miss Marbs winner and tells her she can have Mario and proceeds to walking off. Uh oh! After his failed attempt to chat up Beth, Arg meets up with Gemma who has arrived at the resort. He tells her that he doesn't want any other girl but her and Gemma gets upset. Not letting him get to her anymore, Gemma finally tells Arg that she no longer wants him or fancies him, so she is at last, over him. Go Gemma!

It looks like it’s not going to be a relaxing holiday away! What’s going to happen when Lucy finds out about Mario and Beth? We can’t wait for the next episode already.

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