Muse Snub Twilight? Matt Bellamy Admits 'World War Z' Soundtrack Is Their 'Favourite'

A track from the group's latest album 'The 2nd Law' features in the horror

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Muse are no strangers to contributing to movie soundtracks in the past but the Brit rockers have admitted that music from their latest album is more of a “great fit” for Brad Pitt's apocalyptic movie 'World War Z.'

Frontman Matt Bellamy and his bandmates, Dominic Howard and Christopher Wolstenholme, were flattered when producers of the movie opted to use songs from the group's latest album 'The 2nd Law' as the soundtrack for the zombie movie.

Muse say World War Z influenced their album 'The 2nd Law' (WENN)

The hitmakers have recorded songs for several other movies throughout their career including 'The Tourist' and 'Swordfish,' while they have most notably featured on soundtracks for all Twilight movies including 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse,' with songs such as 'Supermassive Black Hole' and 'Neutron Star Collision.' However, Bellamy says the band are more excited to hear their new songs in 'World War Z.'

“We've done our music in films a few times but this is definitely my favourite one. It was a real collaboration from beginning to end so I'm really glad we got the song in,” Bellamy told Absolute Radio.

“This is probably the biggest film we've ever done. Right from the bat we knew this was a big thing because they kept contacting us when we were making the album saying they wanted us to score the film.”

Explaining how they almost missed out on the chance to have their music feature in the film, Bellamy continued: “We weren't available to score the film, so we stayed in touch with them and they invited me and Dom to go and see early cuts of the film and we saw some really crazy stuff.

“I was reading World War Z when I made the album - and I loved it - it had an influence [on] songs like 'Survival', like 'Isolated System'.”

It seems Bellamy was more connected to the apocalyptic movie than he first realised, adding: “I was thinking about this kind of insane survival situation - this real bleak kind of apocalyptic scenario - when I was making the album, which I tend to do anyway when I'm making albums.

“So it's a really great fit, it's a lovely film. Well maybe lovely's not the right word - it's a real, like, thrill ride, total edge of your seat - got some real scary moments.”

Muse Performing On Their 'The 2nd Law' Tour In Manchester

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Muse's Matt Bellamy performing on their 'The 2nd Law' tour in Manchester (Sakura/WENN)