Taylor Swift's Security Team 'Lash Out' At Voluntary Beach Cleaners

Singer's bodyguards accused of harassing volunteers by her Rhode Island home

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She recently announced that she was much more environmentally aware since working on the green-themed animated movie The Lorax - but someone needs to have a word with Taylor Swift's security to follow her leads.

Because according to reports today, the pop singer's bodyguards have been getting heavy-handed with a group of volunteers who have been cleaning up the beach outside her Rhode Island home.

Taylor bought a $17million house on the beach in the New England state last year and beach cleaners have said that her mansion is the worst spot for gathering rubbish.

Taylor Swift's security reportedly got heavy-handed with volunteers beach cleaners outside her Rhode Island mansion (WENN)

So you'd think that her people would be grateful that some kind folk have offered their time to keep the area clean and neat and tidy, right? Wrong - according to Radar Online, anyway.

The website reported that the 22 chat topper's security team lashed out at the group of workers from the East Beach Association last week as they tried to clean up rubbish near the properly line of her home.

An anonymous volunteer told the site: "We were just trying to do our job. We were out that day handing out trash bags on the beach and trying to help people keep the beach clean.

"People in high school go down there and hang out, and all of my friends who surf love to go there too. There's always beer bottles and trash back there.

"When we got near the property, close to five security guards in reflective vests that said 'Security' on the back came down and got really mad at us. They told us it was private property and that we had to leave. We were just trying to do our jobs and they were really rude."

Taylor Swift's $17 million Rhode Island mansion (WENN)

And they added that although they understand her need for privacy, Taylor has to accept that other people use the beaches and have been for years before she moved in!

"I get that she's entitled to have her privacy and I know that she's been going around to local businesses and stuff, which is cool and I really appreciate that. It's just about trying to strike that balance because everyone else has been using that beach for years."

Last year, Taylor said she was more conscious of her actions towards the planet since she worked on the Lorax and said: "I now do things that I never thought about before, like the fact that if you take a bath, it’s twice as much water as taking a shower.

"Things like while you’re brushing your teeth, turn the water off, and turn out all the lights in your house; don’t use things when you don’t need to. I think it’s important for people to have a priority on the past and the future, not just their right now."

Do you think Taylor's security owe the volunteers an apology?

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