Hayden Panettiere Admits She Gets Rough With Boxer Boyfriend Vladamir Klitschko 'I Throw Him Around'

But isn't he a foot taller?

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Nashville babe Hayden Panettiere might be super small, but the blonde actress reckons she's more than a match for boxer boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko claiming she loves to "throw him around like a rag doll".

The actress, who first found fame in sci-fi series Heroes, reckons that she's more than a match for the Kazakhstani fighter, despite him being 6ft 6 and her a teeny weeny 5ft.

Speaking during an interview on The Graham Norton Show set to air tonight she said: "I am in charge and can throw him around like a rag doll,"

"He was born in Kazakhstan so I call him Borat. I even tried to get him the bathing suit!"

It's the second time the couple have attempted a romance, they first started dating in 2009 but broke up two years later in May 2011. However it looks like the couple can't stay away from each other and rumours of a reunion began in January this year.

Panettiere and Klitschko hit the red carpet (WENN)

Panettiere might only be 23, but after getting into showbiz at the age of six she's practically a veteran. Speaking on BBC News the star admitted it was tough growing up in the spotlight.

She said:"Being a young female growing up in this industry is really tough. And I grew up in the generation of the wild child,"

"I was guilty by association. So everyone sits there, and they wait for you to fall off your horse."

Admitting it was the people around her, who helped keep her feet on the ground she went on: "As long as you have people who are willing to tell you the truth and who are not afraid to tell you the truth, and who are there to yank you back when you need it and give you a reality check, it makes a world of difference."