Will.i.am Moans About His Uncomfortable Curved Chair On The Voice

The mentor said the famous red chairs make him hunch over and hurt his back

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Will.i.am Moans About His Uncomfortable Curved Chair On The Voice
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He's spent the last ten weeks sitting on that big red famous chair, and all throughout the previous series, so it comes as a surprise that Will.i.am has only now decided to moan about how uncomfortable the chairs are!

The judge and mentor on the BBC One show has complained about the big red chairs and has moaned that they hurt his back because they make him hunch over.

And during his gripe, he compared the chairs to the ones the judges use on the Australian version of the show and wondered why the UK ones weren't designed the same.

Speaking to the Sun's TV Biz, he said, as he hunched his shoulders over: "They’re round on the back so they make you do this.

Will.i.am has moaned that the chairs on The Voice are really uncomfortable (WENN)

"I don’t know why they have them like this. They’re not like that (on The Voice Australia). I sat in Seal’s chair. Their chairs are different, they’re straight. Ours are curved in so they make you do this all the time (hunches over again)."

And he's not the only one - his fellow mentor and judge Jessie J has also complained about the seating, especially as she's the only female on the panel.

She said: "Honestly, as a girl, it’s not the most comfortable chair. While all the guys can sit back and look relaxed, I have to sit really upright and forward or lean to the side.

"I feel so little in that chair - but at least my feet touch the ground. Will’s don’t!"

And unfortunately for them, the BBC has no plans to make them more comfortable for the third series and a show source told the paper: "Plans for series three aren’t under way until this one finishes.

"But I would imagine the same chairs will be back again next year."

Ah well, guys - maybe try bringing a couple of cushions with you next year!

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