WATCH! Don't Mess With Kimmy! Kim Kardashian Gets One Over On Scott Disick In Ping Pong Match

Forget putting her feet up, Kim was ready to do battle

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Kim Kardashian may be eight months pregnant that didn’t get in the way of her competitive streak one bit as she enjoyed a friendly match of ping pong with Scott Disick.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star missed out on Kanye West’s recent birthday celebrations in New York, but seemed happy enough just chilling out with the family in Los Angeles in a new Keek video.

Kim wasn't able to travel to Kanye's birthday celebrations due to her pregnancy (WENN)

While most expectant mothers are winding down at the final stages of their pregnancy, Kim clearly is not most women and instead of putting her feet up was more than up for a battle with Kourtney’s beau, screeching everytime she won a round.

The match was umpired by head of the family Bruce Jenner and with his athletic backgorund, the 63-year-old made sure there was no foul play.

Despite Scott’s attempts to win one over on Kim, we have to say the 32-year-old held her own, winning every round.

While much has been made about Kim’s absence from Kanye’s 36th birthday celebration, it’s been reported that the Otis singer's dwindling appearance at the Kardashian family home is causing some friction.

"Kim’s family wanted her to end up with someone they could welcome into the clan," a source told The Sun newspaper.

"But that couldn’t be farther from what they have got with Kanye. He is embarrassed to be seen around them.

The insider claims that if Kanye is MIA for the birth, it could spell the end of their relationship. "They are upset he has been absent so much lately with Kim ready to pop. And if he misses the birth, as we suspect, that will be the final straw."

A source close to Kim has rubbished the new claims as "another made up story".


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