'How Dare You!': One Direction Fans 'Outraged' After Band Extend Set List For US Tour Dates

The American shows will now run for 30 minutes longer

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One Direction have experienced the wrath of their fans at home in the UK after it emerged that the lads have extended their set list for the North American leg of their 'Take Me Home' tour, with many furious that they won't hear other songs they love from their latest album.

The 'Kiss You' heartthrobs brought their world tour to the US this week, kicking the jaunt off with two dates in Mexico following their mammoth UK and European leg which began in April.

One Direction have upset their fans in the UK over their new tour set list for America (WENN)

It looks as though the boy band have made plans to ensure their American dates go down with a bang with claims that the boys have added extra songs to the set list, meaning their fans across the pond will hear music not heard in their earlier shows.

The rest of the tour is now expected to run 30 to 40 minutes longer and among the songs added to the bill include fan favourite 'They Don't Know About Us.'

Expressing her disappointment, Twitter user @livvyphillips lashed out: “Not f**king cool that one direction have extended their set list just for America #didyouknowyourefromuk.”

@HansenJulie revealed her upset as she wanted to hear one of the newly-added songs on the boy band's previous tour dates, tweeting: “@onedirection You added THEY DON’T KNOW ABOUT US to the setlist for america? HOW YOU DARE?! THAT’S NOT FAIR!! We wanted it too!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, @Cupcake_Hazzardadded: “@onedirection Whydid u give the US a longer set list? It's not fair for the non-american fans! I'm not from any of those places! #UNFAIR.”

Were One Direction wrong to change the set list for their fans in the US?

One Direction Wave To Fans From Hotel Balcony In Mexico As Take Me Home Tour Arrives In America

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One Direction wave to fans at their hotel in Mexico (Clasos.com / Splash News)