Behind The Scenes Of The Big Brother Secrets & Lies Launch Night!

We went behind the scenes of the live launch

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The new series of Big Brother launched last night as ten new housemates entered the newly redeveloped Big Brother house and in true BB style, there were a few twists and turns along the way, and there are still more to come! EntertainmentWise went along to the live launch to find out more.

Let us first say this, as we were welcomed into the private Big Brother lounge, EntertainmentWise was happy to see a room with diary room chairs in each corner! This was a brilliant way to start the evening and we felt honored to be in the presence of these iconic pieces!

Emma Willis has officially taken over from Brian Dowling as the new Big Brother host and we have to say she did a fantastic job, what you didn't see is how much the presenter had to run around the set in her heels to get from location to location, one minute she was welcoming a housemate in, the next she was heading off into a secret entrance to the garden to give us a closer look! Props to Emma also for kick starting a fab show whilst having to endure the cold winds, Emma braved it without a coat right up until the end!


Emma Willis has taken over from Brian Dowling (WENN)

As Emma has stepped up to the position of host for the main Big Brother show, Celebrity Big Brother winner from last year Rylan Clark has become one of the two main hosts for Big Brother's Bit On The Side, joined by AJ Ododu, the pair went down a treat with the crowds as many fans screamed their love for the previous X Factor contestant.

As for the housemates, what an interesting bunch! The two male twins are both 18 and will count as one housemate, Jack and Joe work in the local supermarket, one gay and one straight who seem to love a good chat, we think viewers will take a liking to them! The crowds were cheering for these two like it was nobody's business and as they entered the house one of them slipped over to which the crowd went into roars of laughter and lots of 'awwwws' too! These two may be a favourite!

The twins said they love the carvery! (Channel 5 / Picselect)

Next up we had tomboy Sallie, 26 is a DJ, glamour model and fire breather and is a major fan of plastic surgery – nice! Sallie didn't receive the same kind of welcome from the crowd as the twins got, as she was practically booed the whole way up the stairs!

28 year-old sports coach Callum is from Maidstone and quite frankly got booed from the beginning. His cheeky approach with Emma didn't seem to work wonders as the presenter asked him for his best chat up line and he quite literally went blank! Not a good start Callum! As he entered the house the crowd continued to boo – even when they weren't being filmed!

Sallie is a self proclaimed tom boy (Channel 5 / Picselect)

Probably the most positive reaction of the night was 20 year old student Wolfy. The Manchester born “hardcore, lesbian fisher woman” who has a tattoo of a mackerel claimed she moved to Cornwall for “the beach, the babes and the fish' – no really, she did say that! Wolfy received an incredibly positive reaction from the crowd the whole night through, on and off camera the audience found her endearing and entertaining as people cheered for her when the camera found her.

23 year old Welshman Sam is partially deaf and has been compared to Harry Styles. Digital Spy have reported that the odds for Sam to win are already at 7/2 – not bad! The crowd also gave Sam lots of 'awwwws' and found him to be “dead sweet” according to one crowd member!

Sam is the bookies favourite to win - already! (Channel 5 / Picselect)

The most interesting reaction of the night came of course in the form of Michael, 29. The audience were introduced to a shy, quirky Irish postman who gave off a kind of 'boy next door' vibe. However, Emma revealed to us that Michael was in fact an actor! Placed into the Big Brother house as the people's puppet. Michael has gone into the house to cause chaos and havoc and to be used as the public choose.

Michael does not have housemate status, so it will be interesting to see how long he will be in the house for, but of course, Emma promised that there will be more secrets & lies as the show goes on. The crowd were in shock at this reveal, some members of the audience exclaiming: “I feel like I've been betrayed and lied to!” it was a truly brilliant twist to the show and we can't wait to see more! A very clever twist indeed!

Michael made a choice that would shock the housemates (WENN)

To gear up the coming drama, a Big Brother housemate was asked to come to the diary room and in a pre planned fashion, Michael pelted to the diary room, walking straight to the door – how did you know where the diary room is Michael? Don't let them realise you're an actor! The housemates then gathered around the TV and were shown Michael being granted head housemate status.

As a result, Michael then had to choose between having everyone else's suitcases destroyed, or his own. Of course as Michael has been sent in to cause chaos, he chose his own suitcase to be saved and everyone else's to be shredded. The crowd went into hysterics and were clapping and cheering – something tells us this year's Big Brother has been thought out a bit better in order to keep viewers entertained.

As the housemates stood by and watched their belongings go into the industrial shredder, the crowd's faces were in shock and disbelief. Luckily for the housemates, Emma revealed their belongings are actually fine, and the suitcases they just watched being shredded were indeed fake – nice one Big Bro!

Thanks for destorying our stuff Michael! (WENN)

Tonight's second live launch will see six more housemates join the current 10. Emma confirmed that we will see a daughter and a mother – which has never been done before, go into the house – we can already envisage the arguments! Also, a lingerie model will of course be entering the house – it wouldn't be Big Brother without one!

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